When producing video a corporate video production can opt to shoot on a studio set or location. The two settings have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the two and determine which one is best for your video project.

In the Studio

Shooting on a studio set provides a lot of benefits that are not apparent when shooting on location. To start with, the studio provides a controlled environment. With the right lighting, the products and the actors look good.


A corporate video production can opt to use a green screen to insert the subject in any backdrop. It makes it easier to manipulate or edit the video later during the post-processing phase. It saves time because you don’t need to worry about setting up props or background while shooting a video.

Shooting on a studio set provides consistency for a corporate video production. All the ambient lights are blocked out in the studio. That means there’s no need to worry about changes in lighting throughout the session. The shoot is also consistent even if the scene is not always shot in one take.

Moreover, shooting on a studio set will be beneficial to the sound quality of the video. The studio is quiet with no outside interference. There is no background noise to worry about. The sound is crisp, and you don’t need to dub any of the dialogues again.

Shooting on a studio set saves not just time but money as well. Filming with a green screen doesn’t cost a lot and the software is affordable as well. On the downside, studio shoots usually require building a set in order to create an authentic looking environment. Stay tuned for part two!