On Location:
There are a lot of benefits that a corporate video production get from shooting in a studio, getting out of it can also provide a several advantages. It provides an authenticity of the environment as well as not having to create a set from scratch.

Shooting on location provides a more personalized feel because the backdrop, and the lighting are organic. They look authentic. The real world wear and tear is hard to replicate as well as the architectural details.

Location shooting can be expensive because a corporate video production has to pay to film on site or building sets. But there are times when it is less expensive, especially if you don’t need to build sets.
As you can see, a corporate video production can opt to shoot on a studio set or location. Both settings have their advantages and disadvantages. You can opt to use the combination of both for your video. Just make sure the corporate video production can seamlessly edit the scenes and create a good end product.