No one enjoys being the new guy anywhere. It’s simply not comfortable to be in a new place, a place where you don’t really know anyone. You don’t know the building; you don’t know how stuff works, you’re just… well, the new guy. And who would be happy with that uncomfortable feeling? This is why companies do their best to get a new guy acquainted quickly. And in the best efforts a company can do, production of a staff presentation video is a must.

The message that these videos show to potential partners or clients is mostly: “This is who we are, there is nothing to hide about us or what we do. Our goal is simply to get things done.” . The message for the new guy should go something like “Although our work is serious business, there are a million things to enjoy in your stay here with us; our staff welcomes you to the team.”

Usually, staff promotional videos will be short, simple and straightforward. Most of the time, the video production will simply show the most important staff members, with an image of them, their name, age, title and department they work in. This is usually the enough to, well, present the staff. However, there is a lot of untapped potentials here, since there would be a lot to gain from giving a little bit more of the information regarding individual employees. This link their experience, their background; their personal motivation, etc. are very useful. Besides boosting the company’s morale and improving staff relations, it also be great to improve the message that the company wants to send with these types of videos. This would be ultimately making their brand name more renowned and repeatable.

Some companies also choose to include some of their philosophy into their staff presentation corporate videos. This is taking advantage of the situation to show others what they are all about, what they believe in, and what they look for in partners or new staff members. After all, the staff is the most important asset of any company, so giving them the right mindset will elevate the company to a whole new level. We recommended contacting the experts.